Thank you for your interest in the PROMPT (Peer Review Of Manuscripts to Promote Transparency) network.

This system aims to connect authors with OHRI and TOH-affiliated peer reviewers who can provide them with feedback on manuscripts prior to their submission for publication. It is hoped that critical internal pre-submission peer review will facilitate more complete reporting of research and subsequently generate faster turnaround times and higher rates of acceptance at high quality journals.

If you choose to submit your paper to the PROMPT network, we will aim to provide you with two peer reviews, one which focuses on your manuscripts research content and one which focuses on the completeness and transparency of reporting of your manuscript.

Peer reviewers will be drawn from within TOH and OHRI. We endeavor to complete all manuscript reviews within 3 weeks and guarantee feedback within 30 days of submission. Should we fail to obtain a relevant content reviewer within this timeframe we will return your manuscript and corresponding transparency review.

You will need to register with a profile to submit your manuscript. If you have not already done so, please create a profile. It should take about 10 minutes to create a profile and submit your manuscript.